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Your Business in Malta

Malta, as we all know, and ‘an EU member country since 2007 despite the economic crisis and’ was able to resist the general economic downturn, and that attracts capital from all over Europe.

The laws of Malta and the tax system company make Malta one of the best countries in Europe where open a business.
There are many Italians who intend to move to Malta to live but also to invest in activities in Malta.
Let’s see how to open a corresponding srl Italian in Malta.
First you need check whether the name we chose for our company in Malta is available. This is a very simple step that can be done online via the dedicated website from which then you will receive a confirmation email.
The reference site is: registry.mfsa
The cost for this procedure is about 9 Euros and lasts an average of 24 hours.
When you receive confirmation of registazione the name of your business, you can proceed with the drafting of the statute and of the ‘constitutive act that can be done by a lawyer or companies that deal with the establishment of the company at a cost that can range from 500 to 1000 euro.Also for this procedure times are reduced to a single working day.
At this point you can proceed with the payments of the minimum capital requirement that is 20 Euros.
The following step to open a business in Malta is to register to the business register , you need to submit certain documents:
Confirmation of name registration activity, articles of incorporation and by-laws duly signed, confirming the payment of the share capital and a copy of the passport or identity document of the directors, but that of the shareholders and the secretary.
The completion of this procedure takes from 2 to 4 working days and an estimated cost of about 750 Euros.
Then one has to pass opening a business checking account in Malta that you can do in the presence of some documents:
1. Submit the Know-Your-Client filled in all its parts;
2. Submit a formal application for opening a business checking account where you have to specify the type of account you want to open, currency and how you intend to provide for the payment of taxes;
3. Submit a copy of the articles, articles of incorporation, a certified copy of the registration certificate has been issued by the register of companies.
4. Present the confirmation of the directors of the company.
The estimated cost for the opening of the bank account in Malta is about 20 euro, and requires a minimum of one day.
At this point in order to register a company in Malta is considered necessary obtain a business license, which differentiate into two types, one for business premises (Form C) and for non-commercial (Form A1).
The documents that are required are the ETC form, copy of the permit MEPA, a floor plan of the room commercial with a statement drawn up by an architect for any changes.
It costs about 59 € and the time required is about 15 days.
To open a business in Malta will need to obtain the TIN that is the identification number for the payment of taxes, at no cost, time required a week as a week is required to register for the payment of ‘tax.
After getting these two certificates you can submit your request for the number PE that is necessary for the identification of the employer work, then you need to register workers.
This document is required and you can request it online making sure that you are in possession of these documents: tax identification number, details of ‘activity, date of first employment and number of employees. There is no charge and everything is doable in just 3 days.
After that you need to register employees with ETC ie employees hired for training.
Lastly is useful to record companies to protect data at a cost of approximately € 24 .
So we can summarize that in only 10 procedures and cost of around 1900 Euro you can open a bar in Malta or open a business in Malta.

The competent authorities for the examination of applications and the release of the main licenses are:

Trade Licensing Unit , for licenses related to commercial activities such as opening a shop, the practice of itinerant trade, the provision of personal and social services, consultancy services, manufacturing and services in the construction field .

Commerce Division – Trade Licensing Unit (TLU)

Lascaris – Valletta VLT 2000

Tel: +356 25690209/21242270

Fax: +356 21240516

On the portal are available application forms and e ‘can view all the commercial categories whose license and’ the responsibility of the TLU ( ).

Malta Tourism Authority , for licenses related to commercial activities in tourism: travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, residences, bathing etc …

Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)

Product Planning & Development Directorate

Auberge d’Italie

Merchant’s Street – Valletta CMR 02

Tel. +356 21224444

Application forms can be downloaded licenses, as well as by the new portal, also the site of theMTA :

In the subsection that we have dedicated, we illustrate the steps of the procedure, the costs and the documents to be produced.

Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA)

The Concorde

Abate Rigord Street

Ta Xbiex XBX 1121 – Malta

Tel. +356 21316590/1/3/4

Fax +356 21316599

• The permit for the opening of premises, of whatever kind, is issued by the MEPA (Malta Environment and Planning Authority), the planning authority Maltese. This phase involves an investigation detailed and requires the submission of substantial documentation.

Malta Environment and Planning Authority

Offices: St Francis Ravelin, Floriana, FRN 1230

Postal address: PO Box 200, Marsa MRS1000, Malta Tel. +356 22.9 million

Fax +356 22902295

• On the site of MEPA and ‘a section dedicated to the application forms for obtaining

Once the application is made, the process of the practice, which is assigned an identification number, can be followed on-line at

For information on rules and procedures Maltese on residence and work (both dependent and independent), see the box “Residence and Work in Malta” available on the website of ‘ Embassy: