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Ta’ Qali National Park

Ta’ Qali National Park stands where once was a Royal Air Force airfield and barracks between 1943 and 1950. With the development of the Luqa airfield facilities, Ta’ Qali lost its importance.

Nowadays, following the introduction of a relatively vast recreational area, several people visit  the Ta’ Qali National Park for recreation and for enjoying some fresh air with family and friends. The Park offers a relaxing environment and a good break from the hassle and the urban, hectic lifestyle. Ta’ Qali National Park is maintained by the Parks, Afforestation, Rural Conservation (PARC) and Initiatives Directorate within the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA). Maintenance of the park includes regular lawn mowing, pruning of trees, irrigation of young trees and selective pest control.

However, the Ta’ Qali National Park has more to offer than just picnic areas and walkways. The park boasts a wide variety of ornamental plants and trees, of both indigenous and non indigenous origin, as well as fauna species which, with some attention and observation, can be easily discovered and appreciated.

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