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Malta is an island that can be defined undoubtedly small: 27 km long and 14 km wide ; the road connecting the two ends of the island is about 40 km long. The most common transport is the bus that covers almost the entire country and all the places of interest, but the disadvantage (or advantage) is that the holiday takes on much weaker pace, decrease the things you can do in a day and freedom of improvisation is severely limited! An alternative way to get around is to rent a car ; This allows you to move in total freedom, and also go to find hidden beaches and the fascinating sights of this beautiful island.


Obviously it is a more expensive, but still less than in other countries, since Malta is one of the European countries where the rental of a car has the lowest cost. Once at the airport, we are faced with a rundown of rental agencies: there really are spoiled for choice! The first hurdle is to get used to driving on the right, with the consequent reversal of all controls on the dashboard: fun, especially for those who are not in your shoes, seeing as the tergicristali every time you try to put the arrow! Or backtrack turning the other side doing a movement that seems so unnatural that there is to ask yourself if you’ve never done in your life.The second hurdle is to get used to being on the left, facing the round in the opposite direction, to look at intersections and give way. Regarding the roads, there are the main arteries for the most part in lanes 2, while the rest are in a lane, but it runs quite well. The points are the busiest cities, especially the capital and those where it is concentrated nightlife!The beautiful beaches begins if you try a little ‘isolated or less busy then there becomes a real rally: dirt roads, deep holes and wide the entire roadway. Another aspect of the Maltese roads signs: some streets are not just reported, you will notice how the end will be in the streets to decide where you are going and where you will spend. However they are all things that make fascinating the holiday with that little dose of adventure that never hurts, and that makes it alive!

Useful information for those who rent a car

Requirements: to rent a car in Malta must be at least 21 years, but the minimum age varies depending on the car category. You must possess a driver’s license for at least one year. Drivers under 25 may incur a surcharge for young drivers. The maximum age for renting a car is 70 years. The child seats are not mandatory. You can not travel outside Malta with a rental car.

Speed ​​limits

The speed limits in Malta are the following:

• 40 km / h in town

• 65 km / h out of town regulations and road fuel

• Driving in Malta is on the left and overtake on the right

• It is forbidden the use of cell phones while driving

• It is compulsory to wear seat belts in the front seats and rear

• seat / restraint system mandatory for passengers under the age of 12 years or shorter than 150 cm

• The limit of alcohol permitted is 0.08 g / l. For those who exceed this limit are provided for very severe penalties

• Petrol stations are open from 07.00 to 20.00

Car Information

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