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Move with the bus in malta

Who of you has been on the island at least once in the past can not remember the buses yellow and red, old, with only small tendon attached to the windows to escape the scorching sun Maltese! Let’s face it, all of those buses were amused.

Often the drivers of these old buses put the loud music and everyone sang and sweated molleggiando of torn seats, seemed to be in a movie…
Since 2011 in Malta are new buses arrived ARRIVA. Modern and sophisticated bus, comfortable, clean and air conditioned!

Public transport

Public transport in Malta is made up of a fleet of buses run by the the Malta Public Transport. The buses are air-conditioned and operate on all the mainline routes.

For a full list of rates click here.

The bus service serves a number of routes (click here for more information about the exact routes):

Summer Bus Routes – During the summer buses operate on different timetables that reflect the needs and demands of our customers

Winter Bus Routes – Some routes which are more popular during the Summer period can decrease its frequency.

Night Buses – All night buses are labelled ‘N’ a Route Number (Eg. N13)

Airport Services– Airport routes are denoted by ‘X’ followed by the route number. Buses on these routes are all equipped with luggage storage space

Park & Ride – The Floriana Park and Ride offers you an easy, quick and low-cost solution to parking in

Valletta and Floriana, with over 750 spaces and a regular high-frequency shuttle service.

TAL -LINJA CARD , click here to discover more!

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