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Higher and further education institutions in Malta

Higher and Further Education

Further Education

In Malta, teenagers aged between 16 and 18 attend Sixth Form or College. During these two years they are prepared to sit for MATSEC ‘A’ level exams, which could grant them access into University.

During your time at higher education you also get the opportunity to listen to ideas and thoughts of experts in the field you are interested in. Meanwhile, obtaining a university degree often gives you the opportunity to move up the career ladder quicker, or to secure a better job.


G. F. Abela Junior College: Located in Msida, this college offers a two-year course specially designed for future university students. Students may choose from a wide variety of subjects, and must take two subjects at ‘A’ level, three at ‘Intermediate’ level, as well as Systems of Knowledge. Since the college forms part of the University of Malta, students are also given the chance to familiarise themselves with the University campus. College and university students get to interact and collaborate on cultural projects like concerts, drama, sport, student exchanges, debates and seminars.

Sir M.A. Refalo Post Secondary School: This school is dedicated to offering a variety of options to students who want to further their education at post secondary level. Situated in the heart of Victoria, Gozo, the centre is a hub for people who wish to study while also getting involved in the diverse activities on offer, including a soiree, trips, dance classes, sports and more, organised by the school throughout the year.

Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary: This post-secondary state school offers academic courses at ordinary, advanced and intermediate level. The Naxxar-based school provides courses suited to the individual needs of the student. Statistics show that, after the some 500 students leave school each year, one-third find a job while the remainder continue studies at a higher level.

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology: This college has nine institutes in Malta, and a Gozo centre. Its departments are split up into: agribusiness, applied science, art and design, building and construction engineering, business and commerce, community services, electrical and electronics engineering, information and communication technology, maritime studies, mechanical engineering and the Gozo branch. As the names implies, the college offers courses in a plethora of subjects be it photography, fashion design, interior design, marketing, computer engineering, social care and car repair.

Institute for Tourism Studies: Want to become a chef, a hotel manager, a tour guide or open up your own travel agency? The Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) in St Julian’s is the place to go if you want to pursue a career in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The University of Malta: The University is the highest teaching institution in Malta. Located in Msida, the university strives to offer courses that are relevant and timely in response to the needs of the country. The University has 13 faculties, namely: Arts, Built Environment, Dental Surgery, Economics, Management and Accountancy, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Laws, Media and Knowledge Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Science and Theology.


In addition to the institutions mentioned above, there are also a wide number of Private Higher and Further Education Institutions in Malta.