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Fun Parks in Malta


The Splash & Fun Water Park at White Rocks has a large swimming pool and a solarium for adults who want to enjoy the sun. The other pool is equipped with waterfalls and slides as well as having a prehistoric park for the joy of children. Other facilities such as a snack bar and ample parking are available for a leisurely trip to the Splash & Fun Water Park. Visit the website!


Get closer to the magic of the sea and its enchanting creatures playing with dolphins, sea lions and other animals at the Mediterraneo Marine Park in every season of the year. Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Or to be kissed by a sea lion? Or, perhaps, stroking a parrot, a small snake or an iguana? The Mediterraneo Marine Park makes these dreams a reality for tourists, both for residents allowing a close interaction between the visitors and the animals of the whole. A variety of activities are managed with the highest level of professionalism and offer a perfect outing for both groups, both for families, offering various possibilities for entertainment, a special area for children, as well as a stylish restaurant / café. Tourists can choose to see the shows organized, or follow an interactive tour or even a swim with a dolphin legendary park. Visit the website!


The National Aquarium of Malta will provide a unique entertainment experience as it will be the first public aquarium in the Maltese islands located in one of the main tourist attractions of the island. Educate local communities and foreigners about the underworld hidden of our seas and oceans will be one of our main priorities. The project National Aquarium Malta covers about 20,000 square meters and will include a public aquarium, a garden-level walk, a parking garage, facilities for local dive schools, catering facilities, including a beach club, a pinch of goods and an information kiosk for tourists. The public aquarium will have about 26 display tanks with, among others, the fish of the Mediterranean, which are commonly found in Maltese waters with replicas of historical artifacts that can be found in the seas there circondano.Il main tank of the aquarium will host species from the Indian Ocean, including two species of sharks. The main tank will be about 12 meters in diameter. The visitors will be able to pass through a water tunnel experimenting in this way the fish in a range much closer. All tanks will be cleverly themed to replicate the underwater environment.Other features include a public aquarium plant class room, interpretation, touch tanks, a temporary exhibition space, veterinary and quarantine, etc. The National Aquarium will be housed in an underground building located below the level of the promenade. However, its facilities for admission are housed in an iconic structure shell curved in the shape of a star marina.Il garden will provide additional leisure facilities for pedestrians that use the popular Qawra Promenade.The car park will have a capacity of more than 140 parking spaces. The National Aquarium of Malta is located in the northeast of the island in a town called Qawra which is part of the Bay of St. Pauls. In this tourist hotspot you can find many hotels, bars, restaurants and a casino all part of the resort unique position in the Maltese Islands. Qawra is also the site of one of the many towers built by the Knights of St. John. Qawra Tower is now a restaurant. Qawra is also well known as the “tourist” area of Malta due to the many bars, restaurants. The casinos and clubs are also an important part of this small town. Distance from Qawra: Airport: 22 KM, Mellieha: 8 KM, St. Julians Qawra: 12 KM, Valletta Qawra: 17 KM. Visit the website!


Now open to the public, immersed in Salina, Malta Birdpark so far has been the best kept secret of Malta!Home to over 200 species of birds and animals, the park is a must for all those who care about nature.Flamingos, pelicans, swans, storks owls, cranes, parrots and other birds from around the world thrive incredible happily with kangaroos, wallabies, antelope, Meercats, deer, genets, marmoset and more … Visitors have the opportunity to know the cycles of birds plumage, flight, habitat, display, songs and calls, territory and the formation of couples, nests and eggs, migration and much more, while having the change observe and interact with the wildlife selvatica.Questo amusement park nature Theme is a first for Malta and offers a unique experience as educational and recreational attraction for locals and tourists. Visit the website!