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How to Find a job in Malta

Many young Europeans leave their home country to try their luck working in Malta. In this regard, it is appropriate to recommend, to anyone who wishes to reach the island for business purposes, to carry out preventive checks on the real job opportunities that Malta has to offer.

Malta is an island that offers many job opportunities, but not all types, therefore, do not base your decision to move to Malta for working purposes only, but go deeper and understand what Malta has to offer, because it is important to understand if your skills match the needs of the Island.

If you are in possession of qualifications, and looking for a precise job, in a well-defined area, before leaving you should do some research to see if your profession is required or is a saturated field.

We must always keep in mind that even the Maltese have academic qualifications and ambitions, they have an excellent knowledge of the Maltese language, of English language and a bit ‘of Italian. You have to be honest with yourself and evaluate the real possibility to carry out your profession on the Island.

Malta is a very small island, where every year, thousands of young people come in search of a job, so it is important to start with the right baggage requirements and knowledge to have any chance of being hired, especially considering the fierce competition of locals and other migrants.




The English Basic requirement

The first requirement is fundamental…. the knowledge of the English language!!.

Malta a bilingual island. They speak the local language, Maltese, and the English language. Italian language is also very diffused on the island. Generally, for foreigners, the Maltese language is not required but if you want to find a job in Malta, English language is mandatory!.

You must speak English language fluently, it is, especially when considering that your job interview will be held in English, and you need to make an immediate good impression.

So if you decide to leave for Malta in search of a job, do not come with the idea to learn it on the spot!. Be sure you practice the language before you start your job search.

Period The Best

A very important advice is to choose the most suitable period for job search.

We suggest that you completely exclude the summer period; particularly that of the high season because Malta is a well known tourist destination, and since tourism is one of the main economic activities of the country, the cost of living rises considerably.

You should always take into account the period of time between the arrival in Malta and the first day of your new job. The best thing is that you come in Malta a week or two before you start your new job as of course in the meantime you will have to undertake the payment of the rent without having an actual salary, therefore, we recommend that you come in winter or during low season to find lower rents.

If you are looking for jobs related to the tourism sector in restaurants or in the tourism business, we suggest that you arrive on the island before high season, as the request will be of course much higher, since Malta will start getting ready to Summer.


Some rules to follow

1 . Knowing the English Language.
2 . Owning the Skills required .
3 . Being Locally.
4 . Draw up a good curriculum.
5 . Highlight Quality.
6 . Make a good presentation of themselves.


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