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Eating in Malta


For because of their varied history, the Maltese Islands have a varied cuisine. Honey production in Malta and has always been an integral part of the ‘local economy. Gia ‘in the Roman various classical authors they praised the goodness’, and even suggested that the name Malta derived from the Latin mel, which means honey.

The honey is still produced and it is recommended that they will buy one or two jars. The Maltese cuisine and, of course, influenced by the Mediterranean diet, although in the last two centuries and been enriched by various elements.

The rabbit stew is considered one of the delicacies that you must taste while and Malta. Once were hunted wild rabbits, but nowadays are raised in homes or on farms. Nutritionists recommend rabbit meat because ‘is good for health.

Eating in Malta is never a ‘full experience if you do not make a meal of fish in a restaurant specializing in dishes, in fact, based on fish. There are several such places, and this indicates their popularity ‘and their high quality’. The fish available depends on the weather as well as the season. Highly recommended are: dolphinfish (lampuka), tuna, octopus (so famous in that stew and the end of the world !!), grouper and snapper.

If you are in a restaurant typically Maltese must enjoy good Maltese bread. You should rub a slice with olive oil and tomato paste, and add the olives, capers and herbs. You must water it with some great wine Maltese. This way of eating bread and snack more ‘popular with the Maltese, especially when you are near the sea.

Have a particular taste so-called ‘ gbejniet ‘, which are made ​​of cheese curds of goat or sheep. There are different types, and they all taste good.

We have here in Malta various delicious sweets. The nougat you can ‘buy during any religious holiday that is celebrated in a small town on a village. There are the ‘ kaghak tal-ghasel ‘, the ring-shaped cakes made ​​with honey, which are a delicacy, especially if the honey and local.

Are exquisite also pastizzi , namely pies peas or cottage cheese (found in all countries, in all the corners, in all places !!), especially if watered with you ‘or a coffee’ while they are hot .

The wine a beverage typically Mediterranean, is produced in a long time Malta.I Maltese wines have special bouquet for all tastes. It should be noted that for some time now there has been a significant jump in quality ‘in Maltese wines. In fact many of them were awarded prestigious prizes.

There are also: ‘Bajtar Tax-Xewk, prickly pears; ‘Figolla’, traditional sweet Maltese who usually prepares at Easter; ‘The Prinjolata’, a typical dessert that is eaten during Carnival, ‘pudina’, another typical sweet Maltese found all year, ‘Cisk’, ale high quality ‘of Malta; `Kinnie ‘, the bitter sweet drink of Malta.

“All this at very low prices within reach of everyone’s pockets.

Your stomach will thank you for bringing it on holiday with you! “