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Dog Park in Malta

The Dog Park at the Ta’Qali picnic area is the first public park of its kind to open in the Maltese islands. The area is spread over a 1000 square metres ground and is enclosed by a fence.
It is natural for a dog to want to socialise and play with other dogs and a Dog Park is the perfect setting for a dog to be able to run off leash under the supervision of its owner, without worrying about traffic hazards.
The dog park has an ideal setting where the dog can get its exercise and play with other dogs. It offers a double gated entrance and exit and incorporates dog playing equipment such as cover tunnels, weave poles, hound hoops, hurdle jumps, dog teeter, hound hurdles, dog walk ramps and also drinking water facilities. The Park is set to be extended to double its area in the near future with added facilities for small dogs.
Dog bins can also be found on the perimeter of the area.
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