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Bringing your car in Malta


The Maltese drive on the left so bringing a car down from the UK is often a worthwhile option for the many British people who move to Malta. Here’s some useful information about what you need to know if you are going to bring over your car to Malta.


You can import a vehicle into Malta but whether you can use it depends on your residency or status:

– If you are a tourist, your car can stay in Malta for six out of 12 months, while retaining its foreign registration plates. Maltese residents (not just Maltese people, but anyone who has declared Malta to be their residence) cannot drive a vehicle with foreign registration plates (unless they have been given permission from Transport Malta).

– If you are resident in Malta, you can only drive the car you have imported when it has Maltese number plates, that is, when it has been registered in Malta. You are given seven days to apply and following this are fined €30 for every day after that.


To register your car you will need to visit the Lands Transport Directorate in Floriana and submit the relevant application forms (see below for link) depending on whether you are registering a vintage or modern car.

In addition to the forms, you will also need to present the Foreign Registration Certificate (log book), an invoice, the notice of arrival and five recent photographs.

Registration tax is calculated upon the COemissions of your car, particulate matter (diesel engines only) and length. There is also a minimum tax on used vehicles (including electric and hybrid cars) imported from non-EU countries and which were manufactured more than four years ago.

More informations here.