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Beaches in Malta

Armier Bay

Armier Bay is located in the town of Mellieha. The bay overlooking Gozo and Comino, and is exposed to the winds of the north. Formed by two adjacent sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, known as Armier and Little Armier , the bay is characterized by being surrounded by those who were once boathouses and now the locals use as summer cottages. Far away from mass tourism, to Armier Bay there are no large hotels or villages, and there is a feeling more “rural” and local.The restaurants and bars are small, but well equipped (also provide the set for barbecue if someone wanted to do it) and the inhabitants themselves impose respect for the environment and for the beach. Preserve the tranquility of this bay is a priority, while still enjoying the sea and the beautiful views it offers.

Pretty Bay

One of the few beaches in the south of Malta, to Birzebbuga; this beach is a rocky area, and sand. Compared to other beaches in Malta, this bay is by far one of the largest. Originally this bay was a rocky coast and was then filled with sand collected from the seabed. Located in a small quaint resort, the beach is famous for a thousand reasons. The beach is long and wide enough to accommodate both families looking for tranquility, that young people looking for sports stimulants.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is one of the best known sandy beaches in Malta. Located in the middle of nature, has everything you could want for a pleasant day at the beach bars, restaurants, beaches and opportunities for water sports. Golden Bay also favors an excellent view of the sunset, on board the beach, where the opportunity is often organized barbecue.

Ghajn Tuffieha

Bay Ghain Tuffieha Bay, a fantastic sandy beach (very close to Golden Bay, about 800 meters), can only be reached down a steep flight of stairs (180 steps) or by a gravel path very tortuous. It is situated at the foot of a hill and an unusually-shaped promontory. Due to its location, Ghajn Tuffieha is not as crowded as the Golden Bay and also is considered the most charming beach under the magnificent fine sand and beautiful rural surroundings. We advise you to stay on the beach until late to enjoy the best moments of the day including a sunset incomparable in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Gnejna Bay

It is a beautiful little beach not far from Mgarr, which is popular among the locals in Malta rather than tourists. If you like a quieter beach where you can swim in peace and lie down and read a book or enjoy the views without being disturbed, then this place is just for you.

Mellieha Bay

It is the largest sandy beach in Malta and is different from all others for the very shallow water that stretches for about a hundred yards from the shore. This makes it particularly suitable for children, and in fact especially on weekends many families go there in search of relaxation. Mellieha offers tourists almost everything: in addition to umbrellas, deck chairs, bars and kiosks, there is the possibility to rent a pedalo or play with the banana boat. Ever, is a favorite destination for lovers of water skiing and windsurfing, which flock to the beach for almost the whole year, enjoying fully the wind coming from the Northeast. The beauty of the water and the coast have made it, over time, a place suited to barbecue evenings; not infrequently in fact, before pouring in the places for entertainment, the young find themselves in Mellieha Bay with lots of grilled meat and guitar in tow.

Mistra Bay

Mistra Bay is a stony beach between Xemxija Bay and Selmun. The area has a number of caves once burial sites. Other caves, however, served as a refuge and hiding places to control the bay. A natural depression on one side of the bay protects various species of plants. The military battery built by the Knights, visible from the edge of the cliff, is now used for aquaculture. Near the bay arise fact of fish farms.

Paradise Bay

Located at the north of Malta, Paradise Bay overlooks Cirkewwa where the ferry to Gozo. The bay has a small sandy beach and picturesque that offers equipment and the opportunity to enjoy water sports such as jet skis. The beach is reached by a long, steep staircase, which, however, will allow you to contemplate beauty unparalleled. The cliffs above the bay are stunning, especially at sunset when you can see a sky veiled and unparalleled panoramic views of Comino and Gozo. Additionally, this isolated area in the northern part of Malta will offer you the opportunity to make pleasant excursions in the countryside.

Perched Beach

Located along the promenade of Bugibba Perched Beach is un’inerpicata sandy beach of 2000 m² extended on a rocky surface. The beach is unique; artificially created on a rocky surface was made so that the shoreline remained in its original state thus following environmental directives. 25 wide and 150 meters long beach, once degraded, neglected and unappreciated, was radically transformed and now is considered a potentially very valid and equipped both for tourism and recreational. Platforms have been installed to allow direct access to the sea. From one of these platforms you can access the sea Wheelchair meeting the needs of disabled people and in line with the principle of equal opportunities.

St. George’s Bay

Once a small patch of sand part of St George’s Bay, this beach has recently been re-evaluated and enlarged especially thanks to a clever management. Available equipment and services. In addition, restaurants, bars and clubs of St Julian’s are less than a minute walk.

St.Thomas Bay

A 10-minute walk from Marsascala, main southern resort of Malta, is a large natural inlet typical of the southern coastline. Its shallow waters and small sandy banks make the bay suitable for those who want to swim. The beach, only partly sandy, is frequented mainly by local vacationers although in reality it is not a real tourist resort. The bay offers ideal conditions for windsurfing.

The beaches of Gozo

Dahlet Qorrot

This small picturesque fishing cove, isolated and quiet, is located on the northeast coast below Nadur and Qala. The bay is one of the pearls local. The rugged coast and the clear waters are particularly snorkelling. The bay is still frequented by local fishermen and some boathouses along the riverbank. The rocky ledges and small caves offer ample shaded areas. A snack bar is only open during the summer. In winter, the bay turns into a paradise for those who love to read, watch the waves and enjoy the solitude.

Hondoq Ir-Rummien

The coast at the foot of Qala is dotted with traditional salt water ponds, some of which are still exploited for the production of salt during the summer. Here you will find Hondoq ir-Rummien, a little hideaway attended and appreciated by snorkellers for its deep and clear seabed and its small caves at sea level. Ladders provide access to the sea. Hondoq ir-Rummien offers beautiful panoramic views of Comino.


Marsalforn is the main coastal city of Gozo. During the summer is a place lively and active. In the port you will find a small and pleasant sandy shore very safe and a rocky coastline where revel snorkellers. The port of Marsalforn is characterized by bars and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish. The marina is the landing point for a veritable fleet of traditional trawlers (luzzijiet) and small fishing boats. The location is particularly appreciated for its relaxed atmosphere even in summer.

Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay

On the southern coast of Gozo lies this small beach definitely isolated from civilization, enclosed in a narrow bay and surrounded by a valley with steep cliffs that preserve the unspoiled charm. It can be reached from the town of Sannat car or on foot, and is famous among locals for the great aquatic life of its depths: bring mask and flippers to dive to remember!

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is the largest sandy bay of Gozo and one of the most beautiful of all the Maltese islands. The beach is an unusual red dark golden. The bay is embraced by countryside and hidden among the hills terraced steep. Here you will find the legendary cave of Calypso. The pearl of the beach is the white statue of the Madonna and Child. Ramla is the place to while away a day because even in summer the beach is never crowded. In winter, you can even find yourself at the beach. The area lends itself to leisurely walks in the countryside and the sea is clean, clear and safe. We advise you to be careful of the underwater boulders in the central part of the beach but are easily avoidable. On windy days bathers can enjoy the sand to windsurf on wheels. The best beach access is from Nadur or Xaghra through a valley lined with bamboo canes.

Xlendi Bay

It is an enchanting inlet located at the bottom of a deep, lush ravine, once a river bed. Until the mid-twentieth century, Xlendi was a small fishing port and a summer resort where peace and tranquility were the settlements of the place and the Maltese. Now the bay is a must for all tourists. The atmosphere here is always quiet and the area is surprisingly wild.Xlendi is characterized by steep cliffs and if you want to enjoy stunning views we suggest you get on the right side of the cliffs. Here you can access the sea from the rocks, thanks to steps that will allow you to swim in the deep and crystal clear sea. On the left side of the bay, several wide paths will give you the opportunity to walk and relax sunbathing on the towel.

Dwejra Bay

Located on the island of Gozo, Dwejra Bay is most likely one of the most evocative of all the Maltese archipelago.Created millions of years ago following the collapse of two limestone caves, is a wonderful natural pearl, whose geological phenomena have created views are really wonderful: the Window Azur (Azure Window), particularly sublime in winter, is a port d ‘access from which you can admire the blue waters beyond the reef; the Inland Sea, a shallow lagoon inside and connected to the Mediterranean Sea through a narrow natural arch length of 50 m; Fungus Rock, a small rocky island surrounded by deep and clear waters, known for a particular tuber called ‘mushroom Malta’, which the Knights believed to possess special medicinal properties. On cliffs and rocky crust you can admire the fossilized remains of sea creatures dating from the Miocene period. Besides these charming beauties surface are extraordinary underwater caves, a real treat for those who love to dive. Ideal place not only for water sports or to admire the particular scenarios, but also for the simple and relaxing swimming in crystal clear water.


Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly the most spectacular beach of the Maltese archipelago. A dream scenario, which has nothing to envy to the landscapes of the distant Caribbean Sea. Swim in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon snorkelling in absolute tranquility, is a unique and unforgettable. To dive in these waters means in fact meet clown fish, gurnard, scorpion fish, octopuses, fish owl, purple and yellow sponges, and anemones. It ‘just then a small boat to discover the nearby caves of Santa Maria, the den of octopus and groupers. To reach it, there are ferries that depart from Cirkewwa, in the far north of Malta. Once you have landed the you can safely walk around. In about 2 hours and through marked trails, you can explore the whole island.